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Waste Water Treatment

At Synergy Water Solutions, our mission is to design a fully functioning treatment program in order to provide effluent water that meets local discharge regulations. Our industry experience allows us to efficiently meet our clients’ needs within their necessary budget. Synergy Water Solutions has a team of technicians who can regularly optimize your treatment system’s chemistry to incorporate the latest filter aids and chemistries. We have representatives close by to assist with your treatment programs.

Maintenance of effective wastewater treatment programs plays an important role in unit availability as environmental rules become increasingly stringent. Synergy Water Solutions has the industry’s most technologically advanced and comprehensive resources available to make effluent acceptable for reuse or discharge. The keys to our success lie in our industry specialized approach and commitment to a finely tuned process. Synergy’s polymer programs and process improve the effluent clarity in the primary clarifiers and accelerate the settling of suspended biological solids in secondary clarifiers.

These products, as well as antifoams and bio augmentation treatments, help ensure the discharge of high quality water to meet local environmental standards. Polymers and dewatering aids are also used to reduce the volume and moisture of sludge, which alleviate the problems and costs of solid waste disposal.

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