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Cooling Water Treatment

At Synergy Water Solutions, we work to improve heat transfer efficiency and extend the life of your cooling water system. Our treatment programs are backed by years of experience, coupled with on-going research and development to ensure that cooling water systems stay on track 24/7. In turn, by using our cutting-edge products, techniques and highly skilled service team, it allows us to optimize and reduce water usage, power consumption, system efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Because of water reuse and the increasing complexity of cooling water systems, treatment selection coupled with monitoring of water quality is essential. Corrosion, deposition, and microbiological growth can lead to flow restrictions, reduced operating efficiency, and shutdown and replacement of cooling systems. Our goal is to reduce and prevent corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and control microbiological growth.

Corrosion control programs include inhibitors using phosphate, zinc, silicate, organic, molybdate, and the newest alkaline products that help many systems eliminate acid. Scale control products include scale inhibitors, dispersants, surfactants, and polymers alone or in combination to provide the desired results. To efficiently solve algae, slime and other biological problems, Synergy Water Solutions also offers a complete line of oxidizing and nonoxidizing biocides.

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