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Synergy treatment programs represent a custom-designed mix of products, application techniques, and services to meet each plant’s specific requirements. Our service plans are directed toward the improved efficiency, productivity and reliability of customer operations. Field specialists conduct on-going system reviews in which they monitor, track and document the program to assure optimal results. Operator training seminars, computerized monitoring and control systems, drumless delivery programs (Syner-Bulk), and regular business reviews with customer personnel are just some of the many services that may be included in the treatment program.

To ensure a consistent level of water quality and keep production equipment running trouble-free and at peak efficiency, Synergy provides treatment programs at every stage of water use from the time it enters the plant or building until it leaves as effluent. Some of the benefits of our treatment systems are as follows:

  • Optimize the efficiency of cooling systems
  • Ensure safe and reliable steam production
  • Reduce operating costs by controlling deposition and corrosion in heat exchangers and other process equipment
  • Improve product quality by preventing spotting and organic deposits
  • Reduce blow down in boiler and cooling systems
  • Syner-Bulk drumless chemical system
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