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Deposit Analysis

Every water system has the potential to form waterborne deposits which can contain different types of disease and bacteria such as Legionella. Synergy’s technicians define the constituents of a deposit and/or numerous deposits throughout the system. We use our tools to effectively construct a proper treatment program to keep systems running at optimal efficiency. This will help Synergy representatives to effectively clean existing deposits and ensure improved equipment longevity. These test results help our clients reduce operating costs and improve operating efficiencies. We can use the results that we acquire to recommend the most effective cleaning and water treatment program. Synergy also has the ability to monitor the current program’s effectiveness.

Deposits from different locations within the tower, such as the wet deck and the fill, may have different chemical compositions. However, when analyzed together, we are able to identify problems within the water chemistry. Even the cleanest condenser and chiller tubes in the cleanest systems require periodic and consistent cleaning and maintenance to remove bio-film and scale and prevent the future growth of bacteria.

Our technicians use their experience and knowledge to work towards reducing fouling in cooling water systems. Fouling is what occurs when insoluble particulates suspended in recirculating water form deposits on the heat exchange surfaces which can contaminate and cause corrosion and process leaks within your systems.

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