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Chiller and Heat Exchanger Cleaning Services

The cleaning and maintenance process for HVAC heat exchangers has been a challenge for many companies. Preventative maintenance procedures should be performed routinely to keep chiller and heat exchangers running properly at all times in order to minimize downtime. Our staff of technicians has many years of experience and are extensively trained in proper protocols (i.e. chemical and/or mechanical) to remove many different types of dirt, sludge, slime and other foulants such as lime scale. A dirty condenser forces compressors to work twice as hard, which causes increased power consumption and reduced efficiency which in turn increases operating costs.

Since the operation of heat exchangers is so critical to the plant, they tend to be stretched to the point of near failure, which is a very inefficient way to operate. Downtime for process heat exchangers equates to loss of production and revenues. HVAC heat exchangers are critical to residents’ comfort in the buildings. Fouled plates will increase company overhead. Synergy Water Solutions performs regular, consistent cleanings to our client’s heater exchanger and our experienced and trained technicians will maintain clean waterside surfaces and ensure superb operation and efficiency for your plant.

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